Hello and welcome to kaffemik's Coffee Gear Dating Service, at your service!
We are here to help you date your way through the gamut of coffee brewing equipment, in the hopes of finding you your perfect match. If our wall-o-gear has struck fear in your heart, you can now take comfort in the fact that you can spend a few fun nights (or the month) with the equipment before you make any commitments.

So how can you, dear coffee-lover, secure yourself one of these fine devices? Simple! Just fulfill these three requirements:
a) Be a resident of Vienna (so as to pick up and drop off your gear at our coffee shop in person). 
b) Pay for the gear upfront, with an additional ten euro rent fee (in case the worst should happen!)
c) Return the equipment before the agreed upon date: one week, two weeks, or one month.  

Yes, that's really all there is to it! You can select a 'rent' option under each available device on our website, and the additional fee will be added to your cart upon purchase. When your gear is ready for pick-up you will receive a notification, and you'll be all set to conquer your next coffee adventure! If at the end of your time together you and your gear aren't meant to be, don't worry! It's not personal! You'll get your money back and a chance to try and try again.