Hello and welcome to kaffemik's Coffee Gear Dating Service, at your service!

We're here to help you navigate your way through the array of different coffee brewing methods in hopes of finding your perfect match. Either to beautify your holiday or simply because you want to try out a device before you "tie yourself forever". 

So how can you secure one of these beautiful devices? Very easily! Just fulfill these three requirements:

a) You must have your Residence in Vienna/surroundings (so you can personally pick up and drop off your device at our café). 
b) You pay for the device in full in advance (You will get the deposit back if you return the device undamaged).
c) one daily rental fee will be charged to you, this varies from device to device.
d) The agreed dates cannot be flexibly changed. Should you use the device return early, you still have to total booked rental fee pay.
e) do you give after the agreed date return, pull we automatically from that Deposit the respective days/rental fee. If you used up the deposit because you didn't return it, you can keep the device because then you've more or less paid for it.

You'll receive a notification when your gear is ready for collection, and you're ready to start your next coffee adventure! If you and the gear don't match at the end of your time together, don't worry! It's not personal! You get your money back and have a chance to try again.