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Bayreuth Pot 350ml - WALKÜRE

Bayreuth Pot 350ml - WALKÜRE

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Material  Porcelain
Weight  865g
Dimension  Ø 7,8 cm | H 21,4 cm
Max. Brew Amount 350 ml (recommended for 1-2 Person.)
Scope Of Supply as pictured

The Bayreuth Pot is the little sibling of the Karlovy Vary pot. It has been somewhat modernized, but the method has not changed. It is a method of preparation which does not require an additional filter, because it is already incorporated. Unfortunately, there are no exact data, but it is assumed that this method of preparation appeared about 100 years ago. 

The preparation is simple - coffee grounds in | water on it - and the coffee becomes full-bodied and rich in flavors. It is also a very digestible method of preparation.


  • No need for consumables such as paper filters. 
  • This means that there are no changes in taste due to foreign substances
  • Consists entirely of porcelain
  • Bottom part is designed as a pot for the spout. 
  • Since this is porcelain, the coffee also stays hot longer than other pots.


  • Basically, extremely coarse coffee grounds are needed for the preparation, but depending on the type of grinder, there can be fines(coffee dust), which can make the coffee bitter, and also ends up in the cup. 
  • The porcelain sieve is susceptible to damage due to its delicate structure. However, all parts can be reordered and replaced individually. Just contact us, we will help you to find a replacement.
  • You pour "blind", through the distribution funnel you can not see what is happening inside.
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