koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Capricornio | Brazil | honey

Capricornio | Brazil | honey

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F l a v o r            Walnut | Melon | Red grape
B o d  y                 Cocoa | Round
A c i d i t y           Mellow| Lingering
Producer Capricornio 
Region Sao Paulo
Farm/Cooperative x
Roast Level light
Varietal Red catuai
Process honey
Elevation x MASL
Roasting Date 6/28/2022


​Capricornio are a family-owned and operated business, based in and around Brazil. The further from the Equator you get (in this case, outside the limits of the Tropic of Capricorn), the winters are colder, and the average temperature is lower. This extends the maturation, yielding a sweeter cup of coffee. 

It's not everyday that we get to experience a Brazilian coffee like this one, a coffee that maintains the chocolate and nutty notes particular to the region, while at once boasting notes of melon and red grape. This might be thanks to the honey process, where the coffees are depulped, but allowed to dry without washing. Most of the cherry is gone, but the sticky mucilage that remains lends a naturally sweet, fruit-forward cup of coffee. 


recipes for

amount of coffee* 17,5g 19g
amount of water 270g 45g
brew temperature 96°C 96°C
Weight - bottom line 262g 43.6г
Brühzeit final 2:35 0:31

V60 - method - process description:
Bloom 60g - stir so that all the ground coffee is wet
45'' Begin pouring in slow circles to 170g
1'30'' continue pouring until 270g
Final Brühzeit 2'35 ''

*We deliberately do not specify a degree of grinding, since a different degree of grinding is required depending on the grinder used. - With the above information, however, it is possible to approach the right degree of grinding.