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CHELBESA | Ethiopia | Washed

CHELBESA | Ethiopia | Washed

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  • Red currant - juicy - lemonade
  • light
  • CITRIC (citric acid)


REGION Chelbesa



VARIETY Dega, Wolisho



About the coffee

About the roastery

"We founded Morgon Coffee Roasters in Gothenburg in the summer of 2018. Although Morgon is still a relatively young company, our team, consisting of Gabriella Runesson, Christian Gullbrandsson and Markus Vestergaard, has almost 40 years of combined experience working with coffee.

A driving force in founding Morgon was the goal of running the company the way we would want our own favorite coffee roaster to run. For us, this means that we roast coffee that we like and work long-term with producers we have known for years. This way we can ensure that we can purchase batches that all have the potential to become our new favorite cup. To achieve this goal, we must have common goals and understand the wants and needs of both our side and the producers' side. And that's where things start to get special.

We've long been excited to be part of the coffee supply chain, and we want people to feel as involved and fascinated by it as we do. To encourage people to pay a fair price for their morning cup of coffee, we want to try to capture and keep their attention.

Before we came together to start the roastery, we worked together for years. Our combined resume includes running a roastery, running coffee bars, giving coffee talks, training baristas, coffee consulting, and participating in coffee competitions. Some of these competitions earned us a bronze medal in roasting, two silver medals in brewing and two gold medals in coffee."


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