koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Finca El Papayo | Colombia | washed

Finca El Papayo | Colombia | washed

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F l a v o r            Brown Sugar | Tomato | Gingerbread
B o d  y                creamy 
A c i d i t y          Grapes | Lime
Producer Santos Barco Munoz
Region Huila, Colombia
Farm/Cooperative Finca El Papayo 
Roast Level medium
Varietal Maragogype, Papayo, Tabi
Process washed
Elevation 1260 MASL
Roasting Date 11.04.22

Santos Muñoz only spends time on the farm during harvest time, accompanied by his 2 employees. This means that life at Finca El Papayo revolves exclusively around harvest times. 

They wake up together at 5am (with a good cup of coffee ;-) ) and then they start collecting the coffee cherries, processing the coffee cherries and other plants in the field, and managing the other workers* on the farm. In the off season, Santos makes sure that the farm is cleaned and the plants are safe.

The story of this finca, located at an altitude of 1260m above sea level, began three years ago when Santos bought it from his brother and decided to work in the coffee field because that is his passion. Varieties grown are Geisha, Maragogype, Papayo, Tabi. However, plátano, avocados, cacao, lemons, papayas grow, providing shade for the coffee.

The sweet tomato note in this coffee reminds me of washed Kenyan coffee, it is super juicy with bright acidity, just delicious.