Coffee | country | process
Coffee | country | process

Coffee | country | process

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Import Sucafina - Antwerp
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recipes for

amount of coffee* 17,5g 19g
amount of water 270g 45g
brew temperature 96°C 96°C
Weight - bottom line 262g 43.6г
Brühzeit final 2:35 0:31

V60 - method - process description:
Bloom 60g - stir so that all the ground coffee is wet
45'' Begin pouring in slow circles to 170g
1'30'' continue pouring until 270g
Final Brühzeit 2'35 ''

*We deliberately do not specify a degree of grinding, since a different degree of grinding is required depending on the grinder used. - With the above information, however, it is possible to approach the right degree of grinding.