koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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F l a v o r            Kiwi | Papaya | Banana
B o d  y                Full body
A c i d i t y           Citric 
Producer Community Coffee Rwanda (CCR)
Region Huye District
Farm/Cooperative Ngororero
Roast Level medium
Varietal mixed varieties
Process experimental honey
Elevation 1,900 MASL
Roasting Date 16.05.22

Community Coffee Rwanda (CCR) was founded in 2017 with the vision of working closely and directly with local farmers. This also includes developing and supporting the community, particularly the children of the farmers inheriting their parent's farms, so as to ensure a safe future of coffee production in the area. Specialty coffee has been around in Rwanda since 2004, but the market offered few possibilities for farmers to sell these special beans. With innovations made by the CCR, however, the market rose to match the quality of the beans, and farmers had a financial advantage to selling their best beans. Farmers in Rwanda had been living and working without stability for too long, and the investments made into their farms helped cement a practice of care and curiosity about all aspects of coffee production and investing. 

The CCR helped produce this year's harvest, processed at the Gift Coffee Washing Station in the Huye District in southern Rwanda. Over 750 independent farmers and seven different communities deliver their cherries to the station. There are seventy-three workers at the station... most of the people working for CCR are under twenty-five years old, and each of these are taught the various ins-and-outs of coffee production and export. With the help of CCR, investments in Rwandan coffee projects have increased, and the stability offered to the community have ensured a stable quality of life for farmers, as well as a high quality coffees.


Recipe for V60

Coffee 18g  
Water 270g  
Brew temp 96°C  
Grind size* 7 (Wilfa)  
Total brew time 2:40  

Method: V60
1) 60g bloom for 0:45 lassen. Stir to coat grouns. 
2) First pour to 170g in slow circles. Wobble to even the bed.
3) Second pour: at 1:15 pour remaining water in fast circles. Wobble to even the bed. 

*We intentionally do not specify a grind size, as each grinder operates slightly different from the next. However, the above information should suffice in order to dial in your grinder.