koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Isabel Eugenia Albir | Nicaragua | anaerobic

Isabel Eugenia Albir | Nicaragua | anaerobic

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F l a v o r            Red berries | Honey sweet
B o d  y                medium | elegant
A c i d i t y           citric 
Producer Isabel Eugenia Albir
Region Nueva Segovia
Farm/Cooperative Agua Sarca
Roast Level medium
Varietal maracaturra
Process anaerobic honey
Elevation 2,000-2,300 MASL
Roasting Date 26.05.22

The Agua Sarca farm is home to a "lung" of the rainforest, a preserved area where local flora and fauna have been protected in an effort to allow the forest to take care of itself. Because of this diverse environment, the coffee plants grown here are able to thrive, and are stronger and more disease and pest-resistant than plants on other farms. In addition, a large part of the plantation is shaded by the trees and is quite cold, which favors a slower ripening of the cherries and increases the complexity of the coffee, which is not usually present at this altitude. 

Recipe for V60

Coffee 18g  
Water 270g  
Brew temp 94°C  
Grind size* 7,4 (EK)  
Total brew time 2:40  

Method: V60
1) 60g Bloom for 0:45. Stir to coat. 
2) First pour: 170g in slow circles. Wobble to even the bed.
3) Second pour: at 1:15 pour remaining water in fast circles. Wobble.

*We deliberately do not specify a degree of grinding, since a different degree of grinding is required depending on the grinder used. With the above information, however, it is possible to approach the right degree of grinding.