Cocoa Powder | Peru

Cocoa Powder | Peru

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v e g a n  |  g l u t e n  f r e e  | s u g a r  f r e e 

Flavor                 Sweet | Nutty | Chocolatey | Tangy
Ingredients      100% Cocoa Powder*
Producer Cocoa Cooperatives
Rrgion/Farm Peru
Roast Level Not Roasted
Varietal Criollo
Certificate Organic Certificate AT-BIO-301

Raw organic cacao powder without any added sugars, originating from South America - 100% raw cacao powder from Peru.

After harvesting, the cacao beans are briefly fermented and dried in the sun. Then they are then crushed, pressing the cocoa butter off the bean and finally ground-up - done. The cocoa powder has not been alkalized, meaning it has not been treated with lye, as is the case with ordinary cocoa. As a result, it retains its natural light color.

The powder is not alkalized (not processed with an acidity regulator) but highly de-oiled**, so we recommend that you stir some powder into a small amount of warm liquid (i.e. water, milk, milk substitute etc.) and then add it to the total amount of liquid. As you may notice if you have ever visited our shop, we also prepare our hot chocolate this way. 

Packaging is glued and stamped in cooperation with REiNTEGRA. REiNTEGRA guides mentally ill persons in their journey to rehabilitation. The packaging is filled in cooperation with WienWork. WienWork provides jobs for people who are disadvantaged in the labor market and enables people with disabilities, chronic illnesses or the long-term unemployed to participate in economic and social life.

Storage: Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature, packaging is resealable.

*From organic farming
**Highly de-oiled cocoa powders are lighter in color and have a less intense, somewhat tart flavor.
Allergens: free of allergens according to the Austrian Food Information Regulation.
Free of lactose, artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, flavors.