koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Familia Aquilera | Costa Rica | honey

Familia Aquilera | Costa Rica | honey

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F l a v o r            Cranberry | Fig | Nougat
B o d  y                Silky | Elegant 
A c i d i t y          Orange
Producer Wilfredo Acuna
Region San Jose Province, Brunca Region, Chirripo
Farm/Cooperative not available 
Roast Level medium
Varietal Villalobos
Process natural
Elevation 1,700 MASL
Roasting Date 18.05.22

This coffee is a natural mutation of the infamous typica varietal. It is a famously well-processed coffee. As in, the seed is extracted from the coffee cherry wonderfully and simply before it is prepared for transport.

Since 2020, Wilfrido and his partner Zulay have had their own washing station where they process the cherries. This gives them full control over the cherry's journey from bush to bean to bag of coffee. 

Recipe for V60

Coffee 18g  
Water 270g  
Brew temp 92°C  
Grind size* 7 (Wilfa)  
Total brew time 2:40  

Method: V60
1) 60g bloom for 0:45. Stir to coat grounds.
2) Pour the rest of the water in medium-slow circles, aiming to finish bz 2:40. Wobble to even bed. 

*We intentionally do not specify a grind size, as each grinder requires a different grind size. However, with the above information it should be enough to dial in the correct grind size on your own grinder.