koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Danilo Perez | Kolumbien | anaerobic

Danilo Perez | Kolumbien | anaerobic

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F l a v o r            Cocoa     | Mango | Pineapple
B o d  y                Medium | Complex
A c i d i t y           Tropical acidity
Producer Danilo Perez
Region Huila
Farm/Cooperative Finca Guacana
Roast Level medium
Varietal Caturra
Process anaerobic natural
Elevation 1,700 MASL
Roasting Date 18.05.22


Danilo is a second-generation Colombian coffee farmer who, following his father Gilberto Perez, decided three years ago to start processing naturally processed coffee in the Garzon region of Huila. At that time, Colombia did not allow the export of naturally processed coffee, as there was little information and knowledge about naturally produced coffee in Colombia. Despite these difficult years in coffee production, Danilo joined Cofinet Exporters in 2018, where he learned how to innovatively anaerobically ferment and naturally process coffee. Today, Danilo produces one of the most exotic cups of coffee in Colombia.

This coffee goes through fifty hours of dry anaerobic fermentation, which Danilo then stores in Grainpro bags for seventy hours, keeping the coffee in a water tank at a temperature below twenty-two degrees celsius. Later, the coffee cherries are placed on raised beds until the coffee reaches a moisture content of 18%. This is followed by a further seventy hours of drying in Grainpro bags at forty degrees celsius on raised beds until the coffee reaches a moisture content of 10.5%.

A lot of work that, in our opinions, certainly pays off. 

Recipe for Aeropress

Coffee 14g  
Water 200g  
Brew temp 90°C  
Grind size* 9 (Wilfa)  
Total brew time /  

Method: Aeropress (inverted)
1) Pour water in one fast, violent, center pour. 
2) Cap, seal, and swirl the Aeropress three times. Push at 0:40.

*We deliberately do not specify a degree of grinding, since a different degree of grinding is required depending on the grinder used. - With the above information, however, it is possible to approach the right degree of grinding.