koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Mushonyi - Rwanda

Mushonyi - Rwanda

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A r o m a       white grape | chocolate
B o d y           medium | clear
A c i d i t y    apple
PRODUCER Mushonyi Washing Station
VARIETY Red Bourbon
PROCESS washed
ALTITUDE 1.600 - 1.960 masl

This coffee comes from the Mushonyi Washing Station, located on Lake Kivu in Rwanda. The washing station is known for its high quality standards and invests a lot in the training of coffee farmers and in sustainable cultivation methods. Rwanda has a particularly good reputation in the coffee scene for a reason, and we are very excited about this coffee. The farms of the coffee farmers are consistently very small, there are no large farms. Efforts are also being made to increasingly support women on their way to independent coffee cultivation. In any case, coffee has contributed to the good economic development of Rwanda since 2003. After the harvest, the farmers bring the coffee cherries to the Washing Station, where they are neatly sorted and wet-processed (washed). After a 10-hour fermentation process, the coffee beans are dried and sorted again. You can taste this effort, it is sweet and clear. Apple, plum and dark chocolate notes combine with the fine body to give a great result in the cup.