koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Porlex II Mini

Porlex II Mini

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DIMENSION T 5,0 × H 113,2 cm (excl. Crank)
MATERIAL Crank: Stainless steel/Plastic
  Body: Stainless steel
  Lid: Stainless steel
  Bohnenauffangbehälter: Stainless steel
  Grinder: Ceramic/Conical
  drive shaft: Stainless steel


  • Space-saving, therefore suitable for travel
  • Homogeneous, loose, lump-free grinding result
  • Can grind very fine
  • "Only" 13 grinding levels
  • Small bean hopper (20g)


Even at coarser grinds, the proportion of large coffee pieces in the grind is relatively low, since the axis of the grinding cone is stabilized by a spring. What is evident on one side of the spectrum is also visible in the fines. The mill from the Japanese company produces very few minute particles. Even the "healthy" amount of fines for espresso preparation, which is also pronounced in the Comandante, is missing. However, this proportion is not necessary for all other preparation methods. 

Grinding degree

The grind can be easily adjusted via a cross-shaped screw. Each click adjusts the grind. When adjusting, care should be taken to turn the grinder upside down, otherwise coarser coffee particles can get wedged in the grinder and damage it. 

The grinder's range of only 13 grinds is relatively limited. This means that the Porlex offers more flexibility than many more expensive grinders, despite its affordable price. Especially since it can use coarse grinds quite well here, unlike many other representatives.


The Porlex also lives up to its consistently good test result in terms of workmanship. It works with a high-quality ceramic cone grinder and is made entirely of stainless steel. The crank is slightly curved to allow for even better power transmission.

During the grinding process, the mill feels very good in the hand and is pleasant to operate

The holder of the crank is slot-shaped, which makes it very tight. The older version of the Porlex had a hexagonal suspension here, which became round after wear and could no longer be operated. The rubber ring provides even more comfort, as it makes the mill much easier to grip. The Mini is perfect for traveling thanks to its size.

As a small disadvantage, we see the small filling quantity of 20g. However, this is also sufficient for most types of preparation and a second grinding process is also not a big extra effort.


Do not wash - only brush


The Porlex Mini delivers an amazingly good grinding result, is very solidly made, and is easy to operate. It is one of the best grinders on sale, even though it is relatively inexpensive. It is the best choice for those who have a desire for good coffee, but are looking for an inexpensive grinder. Its small size also makes it perfect as a travel grinder.