koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Quiquira | Peru | washed

Quiquira | Peru | washed

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F l a v o r            Floral | Peach | Black tea
B o d  y                Juicy  | Brown sugar
A c i d i t y           Kiwi   | Bright
Producer 7 growers
Region Sandia, Puno
Farm/Cooperative Alto Inambari village
Roast Level light
Varietal Caturra, Bourbon
Process washed
Elevation 1,800-2,050 MASL
Roasting Date 06/29/22

Puno is a region high up in the Andes, which is one of several reasons why this particular coffee is so special. This part of Peru is known for its high altitudes and cold climate, which delay the growing process of the bean. It allows for a longer maturation time, and cultivate richer, more pronounced flavors, particularly the ones that are known to the region and the soil. These are perfect conditions for cultivating coffee, something the people of the Alto Inambari village have worked hard to achieve. 

Despite the rough terrain, families in Alto Inambari have managed to make agriculture their main source of income. The men, women and children of the region have been growing coffee for more than fifty years, working side by side, day after day.

They follow the ancient Incan tradition of “minka” – which means they do community work for the benefit of the entire community. Everybody benefits, including the forests and native flora they respect and conserve. This means making sure to grow other products (papaya, banana, hot peppers, citrus, and avocado), to enable a truly biodiverse environment where all living beings thrive. 


recipes for

amount of coffee* 17,5g 19g
amount of water 270g 45g
brew temperature 96°C 96°C
Weight - bottom line 262g 43.6г
Brühzeit final 2:35 0:31

V60 - method - process description:
Bloom 60g - stir so that all the ground coffee is wet
45'' Begin pouring in slow circles to 170g
1'30'' continue pouring until 270g
Final Brühzeit 2'35 ''

*We deliberately do not specify a degree of grinding, since a different degree of grinding is required depending on the grinder used. - With the above information, however, it is possible to approach the right degree of grinding.