koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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F l a v o r             Cranberry | Cocoa| Fresh
B o d  y                 medium
A c i d i t y           malic
Producer Alberto und Diego Guardia
Region Alajuela, Grecia, Costa Rica
Farm/Cooperative Hacienda Sonora
Roast Level medium
Varietal Sarchimor
Process natural
Elevation 1.300 MASL
Roasting Date 30.05.22

We are especially proud to present our first coffee as kaffemik coffee roasters in PRIDE month. Since it is the first coffee developed by ourselves. We roast since the beginning of the year for you under Alpha Coffee (we have taken over the roastery with the beginning of the year) the coffees provided so far in kaffemik. But this one is something very special for us. We can in good konscience ;-) recommend this roast for any preparation method, although our main focus is of course on filter preparation.

The Hacienda Sonora Estate has been owned by the Guardia family for more than a century. When Alberto took over the farm in the 1970s, he began planting most of the land with coffee, which shortly thereafter became the main source of income. In 1999, when coffee prices were historically low, Alberto invested in a processing plant to maximize the quality of his coffee, becoming a pioneer of what were then very alternative processing techniques such as honey and naturals. He also proved that different varietals could produce different levels of complexity in the cup. Today, Sonora has more than 20 different plant varieties on 80 hectares of coffee growing land (+ 20 hectares of forest reserve).

Here's what to say about the variety, in 1958 or 1959 the Portuguese Centro de Investigação das Ferrugens do Cafeeiro (CIFC), known for its research on leaf rust in coffee cultivation, received a lot of Timor Hybrid seeds from Timor Island. Timor Hybrid is a natural cross between C. arabica and C. canephora (a.k.a Robusta) that arose spontaneously on Timor Island in the 1920s. Robusta genetics conferred rust resistance to the variety. Of the two seed shipments received by the CIFC, two plants were selected for breeding because of their high resistance to leaf rust. In 1967, breeders in Portugal began breeding new coffee varieties that were resistant to the disease but also had a compact habit that allowed for denser planting. One of the rust-resistant Timor hybrid plants, named HDT CIFC 832/2, was crossed with the compact Villa Sarchi to create Hybrid 361 (H361). The hybrid was given the name "Sarchimor".


For each sold kilo of this coffee we donate 2€  to QUEERBASE this year

Happy Pride Month wishes you the team of kaffemik ;-)