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Hario Syphon

Hario Syphon

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Capacity 2 Cups
Gewicht  1200g
Dimensions W 160 mm | D 95 mm | H 340 mm
Contents/ Material Upper bowl, Lower bowl, Alchol burner / Heatproof glass
Packing / Silicone rubber
Fastener / Brass
Stand / Stainless steel, Iron, Zinc alloy, Phenol resin
Burner cover, Filter / Stainless steel
Windbreak / Aluminum
Alchol lamp holder, Cover and upperbowl stand, Measuring spoon / Polypropylene

If the extraction times are the same, there is little difference in flavor, making this apparatus a favorite amongst professionals.

Is there anything more self-care than making yourself a coffee with a syphon? While enjoying the aroma of your delicious beans, you get to watch the coffee moving and grooving around the glass bowl. The difference in flavour is significant, lending a wine-like richness to coffees, a richness and brightness that makes this method a favorite among coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

Only upper bowl, lower bowl, and lid are dishwasher safe. Suitable for use with hot water and open fire. 

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