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Victoria Farm | Colombia | Honey

Victoria Farm | Colombia | Honey

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  • Strawberry Jogurt
  • smooth
  • MALIC (malic acid)

PRODUCTION Viviana Martinez

REGION Quindio


PROCESS Honey (strawberry infused)

VARIETY Castillo



About the coffee

Victoria Farm is located in the Quindio department of Colombia, which is one of the country's most important coffee producers. Here you will find a unique terroir surrounded by mountains and rainforests.

After carefully harvesting the fully ripe fruits, the whole cherries are subjected to controlled fermentation for eight days and then pulped. Then there is an 8-day anaerobic fermentation in plastic barrels with an adjunction of dried strawberries.

Viviana Martinez belongs to the fourth generation of coffee farmers and grew up on her grandparents' estate. After studying at university, she decided three years ago to take over the family business and introduce innovations, experiments and new varieties such as Bourbon Rose or Sidra.

About the roastery

"Since opening Kawa in 2016, we have chosen to focus on roasting. Our motto is to offer the best roast and with the greatest regularity. What is a good roast for Kawa? It is the one that awakens your taste buds and the original Terroir will sublimate. Every coffee has its story, it is our responsibility to sublimate the work of our coffee farmer partners, but also to make it easier for you to obtain it."


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