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VINHAL LEMONGRASS | Brasil | TF washed

VINHAL LEMONGRASS | Brasil | TF washed

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  • Lemongrass, Cardamom, Hazelnut

PRODUCTION Vinhal Cafés Artesanais

REGION Cerrado Mineiro


PROCESS triple fermentation washed


ALTITUDE 960-1040masl


About the coffee

About the roastery

"Since opening Kawa in 2016, we have chosen to focus on roasting. Our motto is to offer the best roast and with the greatest regularity. What is a good roast for Kawa? It is the one that awakens your taste buds and the original Terroir will sublimate. Every coffee has its story, it is our responsibility to sublimate the work of our coffee farmer partners, but also to make it easier for you.”


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