Houseroast House

Excellence ona a daily basis.

Alpha Coffee (Vienna): El Palto, Peru, washed.

We're working together very closely with Alpha Coffee to serve you coffee excellency on a daily basis. Together we cup samples and decide on the coffee we want to serve. Chief Roaster Daniel develops different roast profiles, that we try out at our bar, to pick the perfect one. At the moment it's a washed single origin from Peru. Creamy milk chocolate, hazelnuts and a delicate apple acidity makes the perfect cup, with or without milk!

Espresso Brew Formula

We serve it as espresso and use a 1:2,40 brew-ratio. That means we pull 43g of liquid from 19g of coffee grounds with a pressure of 6 bar.

The Boy boy

A relieable alrounder.

Muttley & Jacks's (Stockholm):


Jack began coffee roasting some years back while spending time on a Rwandan coffee farm. He has spent time learning from great roasters in Dublin and Berlin and won the silver medal in the Swedish Coffee Roasting Championships in 2017. Now he sent us some Beans from a micro-lot of Santa Rosa, Costa Rica from his secret stash, that is washed and has a super sweet taste of caramel, granola and red grapes. So skip your bowl of cereals and go right to the coffee!

Brew Formula

We enjoyed our V60 pour-over with 17g of coffee, 272g of water, 3' drip-time from start to finish. As always a 45" bloom with a thorough stir, to get all the grounds wet.

The Beauty beauty

Exclusive and complex.

Colonna (Bath): Finca Hartman, Panama, Magargogype, natural.


Colonna already supplied us twice this year with coffees from their rare selection. Finca Hartmann is an exceptional farm, setting very high standards. This variety is known for it's gigantic beans and has great dense smell of christmas cookies. But in liquid form everything else comes to live: very sprakling but not dominant citric acidity, string sugary sweetness (rum) framed by a earthy notes like vanilla that make an incredibly long finish.

Brew Formula

We had very nice results with our standard recipe, but tweaked it a little to emphasize the lively but sublte citric acidity of this coffee. (Brew ratio of 1:15,6): 17g of coarsely ground coffee in a V60 Dripper with a wet paper filter. Bloom the coffee for half a minute (give it a thorough stir!) and pour a final weight of 265g of hot water (we use 92°C)!

The Beast beast

Typical, Tasty, Tremendous!

Girls who grind coffee (Upton Scudamore): Finca San Rafael, Honduras, Parainema, macerated natural.


The Girls who grind are coffee are here to big up the ladies in the coffee industry, from the female farmers thourgh to the coffee drinkers, sourcing all of our coffees from female producers and farmers and those who work to support them." So we're proud to be part of their feministic project and go all in with their very special gem from that all-female production chain. In this case stunning organic coffee from Honduras. Super innovative Norma Iris Fiallos owns San Rafael which is nestled within a shadey pine forest - this location greatly acidifies the soil, giving this coffee a really unique cup profile. This coffee is such a tropical delight, full of juicy ripe mango with a nice rounded finish.

Brew Formula

Waiting patentiently for the coffee to arrive.

The Bargain bargain

Best bang-to-buck ratio!

Ernst (Cologne): Willian Cometa, Caturra/Catuai, washed.


A great coffee from our serious friends in Cologne: very rich in acidity with taste of raspberry, mandarins and a silky mouthfeel. Very slick and complex, therefore a real Bargain! Don't miss this one!

Brew Formula

We had great results with an Aeropress: 255g of water poured onto 17g of coffee.

Clifton (Bristol): Hutwe, D.R. Kongo, honey process.


Our Bastard from Myanmar came to an end, so we ordered a great Espresso-choice, that is the first honey processed harvest of this region. Find Oranges in a jammy cup with a toffee sweetness.

Brew Formula

As Espresso we dosed up this coffee to 19,5g from which we pulled 48g into the cup.