October 2016 Nomad

Not sure how to pronounce them, but we know how to prepare their coffee. For the First time we offer you coffee roasted in Spain and happy to break new ground on our nomad barista tour through Europe.

August 2016 Koppi logo 300x300

Koppi was founded in 2007 by the Swedish barista champions Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand. The roastery and coffee bar, situated in the heart of Helsingborg, offer coffee experiences out of the ordinary.
Our ambition is to be one of the best roasters in the world and our aim is always to buy, roast, brew and serve coffee from the worlds best coffee producers.

July 2016 Gardelli

You might get to know Rubens Gardelli this year's Austrian Aeropress Championships, where he judges the competitor's recipes. He himself has a lot of experience in award-winning, so you will be able to judge his skills in our shop, tasting his broad selection brought to us in a super-transparent way.

May 2016 Db0f1430d46a62540eea8a397bc15cfb

Coutume Café started off in Paris and opened up more stores, yes, in Japan. Based in the leading gourmet countries, you know exactly what you have to expect. Although a small selection initially, the quality of these coffees really shone through on the cupping table.

Prices to be updated very soon!

March 2016 Ws logomark black

For the first time in Vienna kaffemik is pouring delicious Workshop coffee from London. One of the bigger players in our lineup. Fresh new logo, fresh new beans but steady, reliable quality. Some single origins are still t.b.a. So stay tuned!

February 2016 Mvsm

#1 Coffee has more „aromas“ and is more complex than all those expensive wines. And even more important: coffee is for everyone.
i.e. also for Viennese people.

#3 Sometimes life is just bitter. Your coffee shouldn't be like that.
Come and watch the show: Their coffees vs. our machines.
All bags contain the usual amount of 250g.

December 2015 Lacabr

La Cabra is a Scandinavian roastery and a coffee shop in Aarhus, Denmark.
We came across them several times in our coffee-drinking career and were always delighted by their tasty beans.
They are a company that takes pride in serving a unique nordic coffee experience, by bringing out a delicate and dynamic clarity in every coffee they produce.
They describe themselves as forever curious and always uncompromising in their quest for delicious coffees.

Please note that the Sumava beans come in unusual 170g bags!

October 2015 Esv1wsmo

Alpha Coffee is a new, small roastery in the Vienna Woods that is uncompromisingly striving for best quality. They offer just a few coffees that should cover the main directions taste-wise: Fully developed, classical taste and light bodied with rich acidity. To serve these demands they source excellent coffees from Nordic Approach and roast them and deliver them freshly via mail. For this month we showcase their current selection in detail and want to work on the taste profiles for different brewing methods. You're invited to get on board!
All bags contain the usual amount of 250g.

September 2015 Logo coffee proficiency

Coffee Proficiency is not only a roastery, but also a school and sources green beans. They are proud of their good connection to Guatemala. Therefore they hold a great selection of fresh south american coffees ready for you.

September 2015 Dieroesterin

Johanna Wechselberger is the roaster who supplies the kaffemik with its popular Balanced Blend and runs the Vienna School of Coffee. To meet the demand more precisely, you can pre-order 250g bags of her selection as well.

August 2015 Greenplantation logo

We met the guys from Green Plantation in Seattle, fighting for being world champion in aeropressing. Sadly, we lost and they won. Luckily, we serve in August their coffees!

July 2015 Pastedgraphic 2

With every new coffee comes a chance to experiment, learn and expand ones coffee knowledge. We brew our coffees in every conceivable way until we feel we know them inside and out.

And so do we: trying our best in coffee experiments. In Summer it seems only fair to work on iced brews. When Vienna is getting hot in July, maybe you wanna get nude?

June 2015 Logo

Since 1936 Stoll is roasting coffee in Switzerland. We're proud to showcase their new speciality coffee selection in June. We cupped them already and are impressed by the high level throughout the selection. Each coffee comes as espresso roast and as lighter filter roast.

May 2015 Logo

All of our coffee is traceable and roasted by our roasters Joanna Alm and Erik Rosendahl with a clear vision of how our coffee should taste. We roast the coffee in small batches, slowly and carefully so that as many of the bean's 800 potential aromas are preserved and developed.

Further they recommend 6 grams of freshly ground coffee to 100 grams water. Depending on how you grind, all coffees fits all brewing methods.

Sorry for the delay! See here the cupping notes and prices. Didio Ordones is the coffee, the swedish Barista Champion Linnea used at the WBC.

April 2015 Images

White label coffee is a specialty coffee roastery founded by Elmer and Francesco: we roast and serve high quality coffee which we love to share with you!
A white label is at the heart of our philosophy for it is simple, plain and open to creation.

Sounds familiar? Perfect match for a guest appearance at the Kaffemik. All bags contain the unusual amount of 200g.

March 2015 Caravan08 700x664

Just when we decided to open the Kaffemik, we stumbled across Caravan Coffee at King's Cross, where we got immediately drawn behind the bar for cupping their newest batches. It was a year ago, so we're looking forward to taste a whole new selection of coffees and offering them to you. New is the Off Grid-concept, in which they try to highlight unusual coffees. This time they serve the rare Tabi varietal. Plus: a Blend, that is designed to work as filter coffee - the Special Brü.
Attention! All bags contain 350g of coffee!

February 2015 Logocafei lomi

Lomi is encountering the same challenge as Viennese artisan roasters and speciality coffee shops: Paris has its own, very strong coffee culture. The French are used to their French roast -- only slightly darker than the Italian roast, i. e. very dark. But the guys from Lomi are skilled ambassadors of the third wave in Old Europe, supplying many little cafés in Paris with their artisan coffee as well as us in February! All bags 250g.

January 2015 Casmologo

Casino Mocca lets you choose between three bag sizes. Perfect conditions for some coffee degustation. But in case you know already exactly, what you're into and want to go for the 400g bags, leave us a note! They're available for 15,– EUR.

December 2014 Tumblr inline mqv0l1nfok1qz4rgp

In the eyes of many coffee afficionados Tim Wendelboe already reached his goal, namely to be placed

among the best coffee roasters and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred source for quality coffee, knowledge and innovation.

A rampant carrer: Starting drinking coffee in his twenties, he soon won the barista championships in 2004 and opened his own roastery 2007. His name is now used synonymous for the new sort of coffee heroes, who became well-known and respected for establishing this new way of consuming an ordinary beverage as special treat.
We're happy to provide you with his coffee in december - one of the best ways to limber up, when it's cold outside or a perfect present for christmas as well!

November 2014 S2dlogo

In Schwabhausen Johannes Bayer roasts some of the most refined coffees.
Bayer wants to "let the coffee speak for itself" – that's why they come without any cupping notes.

There is no need to create the 'perfect' balanced cup. It's possible to roast the same bean in two different ways and blend them together again. So I carve out different aspects to emphasize the true character of the bean. The coffee keeps its rough edges.

All bags contain 250g of beans.

October 2014 Doubleshot

As the name implies, doubleshot was launched by two coffee enthusiasts with two different professions, two points of view but one single mission: To show the true potential of specialty coffee and its yet undiscovered possibilities.

Please note: All bags contain an unusual 350grams of coffee.

September 2014 Suessmund

Niko Hartmann is well known in the Austrian coffee scene as the winner of the national brew championship and through his pop-up café, Café Atelier. This year he launched his own roasting label, Süssmund, and is debuting at kaffemik throughout September.

August 2014 3fe

We came across Third Floor Espresso while traveling to Dublin and they also made a strong impression during our pre-opening. We're glad to have them as our guest roasters in August.

July 2014 Coffee collective logo

The dream that drives The Coffee Collective is to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe.
Launched in 2007, The Coffee Collective quickly became one of the most reputable coffee roasters in Europe.

While definitely on the pricy side, both their dedication to flavour and better living conditions for farmers make their coffees extremely worthwhile.

The Coffee Collective were one of the first roasters to show us what coffee could be, so we are very happy to have them at kaffemik.

June 2014 The barn

The Barn opened in September 2012 in Berlin.

Their philosophy isn't making it easy for themselves:

"We only buy handpicked arabica coffee beans of speciality grading. Preferably from Micro-Farms that operate with a strong focus on detail and a passion to improve their product. It is important to us to avoid too many merchants between farming and roasting so that most of the value goes back to the farm. The benefits of direct trade are far beyond of what fair trade could achieve. It also gives the farm a sustainable product and an identity to be proud of. [...]
Our roast style is rather light to bring out the full flavour profile of a bean and not to change it. Our aim is to produce clean and consistent coffee of highest quality."

The results speak for themselves. We're glad to have them as our very first guest roaster at kaffemik.