Houseroast House

Excellence ona a daily basis.

Alpha Coffee (Vienna): El Palto, Peru, washed.

We're working together very closely with Alpha Coffee to serve you coffee excellency on a daily basis. Together we cup samples and decide on the coffee we want to serve. Chief Roaster Daniel develops different roast profiles, that we try out in our bar, to pick the perfect one. At the moment it's a washed single origin from Peru. Creamy milk chocolate, hazelnuts and a delicate apple acidity makes the perfect cup, with or without milk!

Espresso Brew Formula

We serve it as espresso and use a 1:2,40 brew-ratio. That means we pull 43g of liquid from 19g of coffee grounds with a pressure of 6 bar.

The Boy boy

A relieable alrounder.

The Space (Brno): El Ilanete, Colombia, washed.


A very young project from the Czech Republik is The Space: 300g of great Nordic Approach Coffee are coming in a fancy spaced out packaging design. Mix of Caturra and Castillo from Colombia will bring you a whole range of orangey flavours, underlined by honey sweetness, almonds, with a long lingering tea-finish.

Brew Formula

We're serving very long shots from this particular espresso: 19g we put into the basket, 54g we pull into the cup in 32". For filter we had many nice results, an anonymous informant recommended the Aeropress with lower water temperature: 17g coffee, 230g water, a thorough stir and a press finishing at 1'45".

The Beauty beauty

Exclusive and complex.

La Cabra (Aarhus): Kochere, Ethiopia, washed


La Cabra is a well-established brand, shipping their fantastic beans all around the world; also it has a new store in NYC in the making. Form their assortment we picked this season's fresh Kochere from the region of Yirgacheffe, coffees that showcase the clean and aromatic characteristics we love in Ethiopian coffee most transparently: apricot jam, lingering black tea finish, citrus acidity.

Brew Formula

We basically stick to the recipe, provided by the roaster (brew ratio of 1:16,25): 17g of coarsely ground coffee in a V60 Dripper with a wet paper filter. Bloom the coffee for half a minute (give it a thorough stir!) and pour a final weight of 276g of hot water (we use 92°C)!

The Beast beast

Typical, Tasty, Tremendous!

The Barn (Berlin): Kii AA, Kenya, varietal blend, washed.


Kii gross on the southern slope of Mount Kenya: A terroir of rich, red volcanic soil that really captures the essence of the classic Kenyan coffee. Trademark flavours of currant, vanilla and citric notes are underscored by a beautiful acidity that gives this high scoring coffee its great texture and depth.

Brew Formula

We serve it as filter coffee: Aeropress and a brew-ratio of (not exactly) 1:15; i.e. a final weight of 250g onto 17g of coffee are bringing out the fruity notes: pure black currant juice! Use a V60 for a cleaner and more balanced cup, emphazing the earthy notes of citrus cests and tea.

The Bargain bargain

Best bang-to-buck ratio!

Sloane (Bucharest): Beneficio Pedra Branca, Brazil, natural.


We’re delighted to be able to present a coffee from a brand new roastery, based in a country from which we never featured a roaster before: step forward Sloane Coffee Roasters, from Bucharest, Romania! They're bringing in a very sweet coffee with a subtle acidity and a creamy mouthfeel; lots of chocolate and cherry with lemon, tropical fruit and savory floral flavors. Beneficio Pedra Branca is nestled in the Pedra Branca mountainside in Pedralva City and was a farm before starting in 2012 a partnership with the Carmo Coffees exporters. They recognized the quality potential of the Mantiqueira microregion that urged to be explored and decided to build two strategically placed mills (called beneficios) with washing and processing capabilities. Comes in a 250g bag.

Brew Formula

For espresso, we are going off 20g and pulling 45g shots, giving an intense cocoa flavour. We are still working on the optimal filter recipe - check back soon!

The Bastard bastard


Clifton (Bristol): Shan State, Myanmar, honey process.


U Win Aung Kyaw is working in coffee since 1975. In 1998, he bought land for a farm and started to process his own coffee. Pesticides are forbidden in this township, it’s residents produce in an organic style though it is not yet formally organic certified. Cherries are hand-picked and left in their sweet mucilage then sun-soaked on raised African drying beds.

Brew Formula

Waiting for the coffee to arrive!