What's the Deal?

  • 2 x 250g of coffee every month

  • only farmed by women AND/OR certified organic

  • pause or cancel at any time




Ever since our opening in 2014, we've been making massive efforts to provide our loyal clientele with beans from roasters that not only meet our personal third wave coffee standards, but those required of specialty coffee communities around the world as well. Now, as our team and efforts have developed with time, so has the practicality of manifesting a subscription service aimed at exposing our customers to the tremendous and diverse world of european specialty roasted coffee. The vast market of third wave coffee roasters in Europe can be overwhelming and confusing at times; it can sometimes even feel impossible to tell if a new roaster meets the luxury coffee standards that you're accustomed to. That's why we've made it easy for you by taking out the guessing work, and will simply provide you with a variety of specialty roasted coffee each month!

We felt that it's important for us to provide coffee, not only, to nerds the really expensive and elite stuff at a more affordable price, which is why we have updated the guidelines for the coffee received by members. We are not always able to buy the most expensive beans for the shop because we know that a lot of our guests are focussed on high quality specialty coffee that is still reasonably affordable. And we understand that! But we want to splurge on the super exclusive and expensive lots for those of you, who are interested and compelled by such!

What can you expect?

Delivery Type

  1. Option: FREE SHIPPING within Austria. Outside of Austria but still inside of the EU, shipping is between € 5,90 - € 15
    we use the service of www.greentohome.at (zero emissions!!)
  2. Option: PICK UP in store, and enjoy a free coffee drink of your choice on the house

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