Quality has its price

Dear kaffemiksters,

though we have avoided it long enough, the time is upon us. Like so many others, we are going to have to increase our prices to match the rising costs of the world around us. Since the middle of last year we have felt the squeeze of inflation in all areas (at times up to a 50% price increase). Unless we factor these increased costs into the prices in our shop, the math will no longer make sense, and we run the risk of being unable to continue running our shop smoothly.

Of course there is always the possibility of forgoing quality in favour of keeping the current prices where they are, but that wouldn't be fair to any of us. We love our little corner of specialty coffee, and want to continue the good work of sourcing ethical, regional, sustainable, and transparent products. 

I am of the opinion that the price spikes for food products and resources is long overdue. What's a few cents spared at the cost of others? (poverty, poor wages, injustice in the workplace, animal cruelty, climate change, the exploitation of human beings, etc.) 

We have tried to change the prices of our beverages as little as we could, and would like to take a moment to explain how these price hikes effect our particular coffee shop. 

First and foremost, our house roast has a lot to offer: 

  • single origin (from local communities)
  • organically grown (BIO certified according to EU regulations, though our certificate is still in the works)
  • and, starting this fall: female-produced

This means you can enjoy your coffee with a good conscience, and not just because we are in the process of making the prices of our coffees (FOB) transparent on our website. 

We don't plan on stopping at just our house roast: we hope to offer this level of visibility in all areas of our shop. It means a lot to us to source our coffees as ethically as we can, and we know it means a lot to you, too. Of course this kind of information doesn't just appear out of nowhere... we make it a part of our job as a specialty coffee shop to track this information down. All of the coffees that pass through our shelves go through a strict screening, not just for taste, but also for whether each coffee holds up to our standards for ethically sourced coffees. This information has, and always will be, available on our website. 

The fact that the prices of coffee are climbing is not all bad... it's a small victory (at least in the realm of specialty coffee) to see producers and farmers finally getting their slice of the pie. 

Our efforts are not just for the sake of our favourite bean, but also for the staff that are able to turn it into an impossibly delicious beverage. The gastronomy and specialty coffee scenes are tricky when it comes to finding jobs that aren't offered as temporary/student-jobs. Not to mention the number of people who are passionate about coffee, looking for the chance to start their careers without being forced to go it alone. It's important for us to work against these stigmas and offer people an opportunity to do what they love. Loyalty is important to us, but it's a two-way street, which is another reason why none of our staff were let go during the pandemic (particularly during the first lockdown). As the manager of this shop I want to thank the staff and investors for getting us to where we are today. 

It is also worth mentioning that we run our business without third-party advertising, and have never and will never accept large sponsors. The last thing we want is to depend on a big business with whom our values are not aligned.  

We want to continue growing and improving in all of these areas to offer you the coffee you deserve. There is always work to be done when it comes to turning these beans into something so tasty. Knowledge takes time, passion, and the ability to access it. A barista's job is more than just pulling shots and making latte art... it's about understanding and knowing a product. 

Of course running a company means being able to constantly develop in order to create and maintain jobs. When it comes to operating a small business, it's important to take responsibility for it's role in society.  

keep brewing

Natascha Kretzl

Manager - kaffemik

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