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Gift voucher for a time limited COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION

Gift voucher for a time limited COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION

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This gift voucher allows the recipient to select the desired coffee subscription in the webshop and to determine the available options and the start date according to individual preferences. In this way, we seamlessly integrate the person concerned into our system and are able to provide them with the best possible support and comprehensive information. 

Delivery handling

- 2 packs of roasted coffee (200g - 250g) by subscription per month
- from women produced AND/OR from controlled biological cultivation
- delivery options: FREE SHIPPING or COLLECTION

nominal values

  • 108€ for 3 months
  • 204€ for 6 months 
  • €390.96 for 12 months

Since opening in 2014, we have made great efforts to provide our loyal clientele with beans from roasters that not only meet our personal Third Wave Coffee standards, but also those demanded by the specialty coffee community around the world . Now, as our team and efforts have evolved over time, so has the desirability of a subscription service aimed at opening up the vast and diverse world of European specialty roasted coffee to our customers.

That's why we've made it our goal to make this selection for you and to clarify everything in advance and to taste the coffees from the respective roasters. The variety of coffee roasters in Europe dedicated to the Third Wave can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing; it can sometimes even feel impossible to tell whether a new roastery meets the specialty coffee standards you are used to or expect. We know from experience that there are significant differences.

But that's not all, the selection in our shop is sometimes overwhelming and it's really difficult to choose. That's why we decided to make it even easier and simply surprise you with a selection every month.

    Furthermore, it was important to us to make receiving the beans as convenient as possible, which is why we provide 2 DELIVERY OPTIONS available:

    OPTION 1 - FREE SHIPPING within Austria.

      • Outside Austria, but still within the EU, shipping costs are between €5.90 - €15 (per delivery)
      • Within Vienna we use the service of
        • Delivery completely emission-free!!
        • Delivery date can be agreed (please provide telephone number)

    OPTION 2 - PICK UP IN STORE and enjoy a free coffee drink of your choice “on the house”.


    NOTE: This voucher is a voucher and can of course also be used for other online purchases. Please note that it can only be redeemed online.

    There is no option to pay out the voucher value in cash and there can be no guarantee that the price for the Ethical Subscription will remain the same as the gift voucher in the future.

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