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Talented, pretty, hot, sensational, cute, stunning and gorge: these are just a few of the humbly honest words one could use to describe the diva of all viennese coffee shops, kaffemik. It's simply an undeniable truth… but I'd like to propose a new quality to be added to the list of identifiers: EXPERT ROASTERS! That's right, pretty people! We are literally so hot we can't help but roast any and all green coffee beans in our vicinity. It's become such a problem, in fact, that we've finally decided to just give in and harness that vehement hostess for good and share our gifts with the kaffemik coffee congregation in the form of expertly self-roasted coffee! 

But what about Alpha Coffee Roasters who used to provide us with our house roast (El Palto) as well as a wide array of other beans for home brewing? Well, they're technically not going anywhere! You see, we've actually been working very closely with Alpha for years, and, in fact, starting mid 2021 that relationship grew stronger and stronger until we decided it was time to join forces! That's right, we have assimilated Alpha Coffee Roasters under our brand and are simply renaming it to kaffemik coffee roasters.
Are you worried about a change in the selection of coffees or quality of roasting with the assimilation? Nary a thought more shall you have, as the founder of Alpha, Daniel, has spent countless hours teaching our roasters, Luisa and McCrey, everything they need to know to continue roasting the same profiles at the same level of expertise. In this, case we aren't really starting from scratch with no experience, rather continuing Alpha's nearly decade of experience in exceptional coffee sourcing and roasting!
It might seem like a big change, but don't worry! We're still the same ol' coffee shop you've always loved, serving up the same ol' creamy peruvian flat whites and exceptionally curated european guest roasted beans.

In fact, if you've been drinking our coffee since December and hadn't noticed any change, you have nothing to worry about! We've been roasting since the end of last year and were simply waiting for our new bags to come in for the announcement! Luisa and McCrey have been working hard on maintaining the quality of the existing roast profiles, which have not been altered since the transfer of power.

But why did Alpha decide to hand over the keys to the roastery? Well! Alpha had always been the passion project of the founders, Daniel and Karina, but it wasn't exactly either of their focussed career paths. Regardless, roasting wasn't just a passion of theirs, it was also something they could do well. Really well. And it showed! The business that was Alpha Coffee Roasters was receiving simply too much demand for what they could handle, it wasn't ever really planned to expand. 

After a while they had two options: expand to compensate demand and invest in a larger business, or pass the torch and focus on their family. The decision was pretty clear for them, but it was important to them that they hand their baby, Alpha, off to someone capable of maintaining its reputation and high standards. We are so happy they trusted us with that honor. Of course, we wouldn't have been able to do that without working intensely with and learning from them for a long time.

SO! If you're a fan of Alpha, you'll likely be a fan of kaffemik coffee roasters. Of course, as with all roasteries and even Alpha throughout the years, some of the green bean (raw coffee) lots that you might've enjoyed from Alpha in the past year will change depending on availability, the environment (now more than ever due to anthropogenic global climate change), and  import logistics conditional of the green coffee importers we buy from.

It is, however, with high probability that the beans we buy for our house roast, the Peru El Palto, and the Huehuetenango will not change any time soon, as the cooperatives are well established and work closely with our importer. Any future changes in the coffee lineup, however, often have more to do with the aforementioned factors rather than who is in charge of the roastery. 

We are so excited and honored to be able to finally announce our status as a coffee shop AND roastery. We are dedicated to continuing the exceptional legacy of Alpha and cannot thank Daniel and Carina enough for teaching us everything they know in an effort to help us do so. We are looking forward to share our love for coffee and roasting skills with all of you as kaffemik coffee roasters. 

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