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AeroPress Original Coffee Maker

AeroPress Original Coffee Maker

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Material  BPA free Polypropylene
Weight  226 g
Dimension  Ø 10 cm | H 14 cm | B 11 cm | D 10 cm 
Max. Brew Amount 250 ml (recommended for 1 Person.)
Scope Of Supply 350 pieces Paper filter
  Storage vessel for paper filter
  Coffeespoon (8g|10g)
  Stirring rod

The AeroPress is a combination of multiple advantages from different brewing methods. Varying the amount of water, coffee and grind size can be excellent variables to play with i an effort to prepare the coffee that is optimally extracted. Due to the simple handling, you quickly find the fun in preparing an aeropress coffee. Due to the low weight, the AeroPress is also a good companion when traveling.

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