kaffemik Coffee Brew Book
kaffemik Coffee Brew Book
kaffemik Coffee Brew Book
kaffemik Coffee Brew Book
kaffemik Coffee Brew Book

kaffemik Coffee Brew Book

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Create coffee recipes in a structured and professional way.
How many times have you had a coffee and thought to yourself, this reminds me of another coffee and have no way to recreate it. The Brewbook is also suitable for this.
A scrapbook for coffees and recipes.

In the course of our work to create recipes for our coffees, we were looking for a way to document them. There wans't anythign that really met ourr needs so after we put our heads together over many, many sessions of brainstorming and trial, the result is something to be proud of. The first couple pages explain the process of cupping as well as recipe development, regardless of the method. After that, you have the possibility to document all the coffees you buy on the following 95 pages. 

We use this book ourselves every day, so we hope you have just as much fun with it. :-)

The Coffee Brew Book is only available in English, because the Specialty Coffee terms are mostly English. A German version is currently not planned.

Format | Landscape (201 x 297 mm)
Paper | 100g Munken Premium Cream 1,3 vol
Ribbon | yes
Cover | linen
Production | DGS - Druck u. Graphikservice GmbH (Austria)