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COFFEE BREW BOOK (collection book for coffees and recipes)

COFFEE BREW BOOK (collection book for coffees and recipes)

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Discover a new dimension of the coffee experience with the Coffee Brew Book: your structured and professional companion for creating coffee recipes.

How many times have you enjoyed a coffee and wished you could repeat the perfect brew? The Coffee Brew Book offers the solution. It is your personal collection book for coffees and their accompanying recipes.

Through intensive research and numerous test runs, we have developed a comprehensive documentation option. The first few pages guide you through the process of recipe development, regardless of the preparation method. You will then find enough space to record your coffee collection and the associated recipe attempts on the following 95 pages.

We use the Coffee Brew Book ourselves and are convinced that you will enjoy it too. It's more than just a book - it's a tool to deepen your passion for coffee.

The Coffee Brew Book is available exclusively in English to precisely capture the technical terms of the specialty coffee world. A German version is currently not planned.

Technical details:
- Format: A4 landscape format (201 x 297 mm)
- Paper: 100g Munken Premium Cream 1.3 vol
- Reading ribbon: Black
- Cover: linen
- Production: DGS - Druck u. Graphicservice GmbH (Austria)

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