koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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With an Army of Softness, we cast upon the world to rethink our his-story and seed new ways of storytelling. For stories of trust, care, or other forms of togetherness without prejudice but in radical softness.
In our Fearelli 2022, we pay particular attention to the “Softie”, because we feel connected to this image of the “unmanly” man in a positive way. We see value in that stereotype for our stories. Radical softness, to which we refer in the themes of our calendar pages, is a provocative concept that runs counter to those masculine imprints that underlie all the great narratives. We want to engage with this concept without appropriating it too intrusively. For it can help us find new narrative perspectives through thinking and speaking collectively about fragility, honesty and care. About masculine softness in all its facets. Because it’s time to find other ways than humorously sticking our fingers in the wounds of society and self-deprecatingly poking around in them. That was fun, true, but it just retells the old stories. Let’s nurture the ground for new stories and build an Army of Softness, together.
A big shoutout to our photographers Julia Fuchs, Sarah Tasha Hauber, Franziska Liehl and Zoe Opratko.

Perfect present for your friends :-)

Quelle: www.fearleadersvienna.com