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A great project that we love to support:

"We’ve been celebrating diversity ever since we started cheering for Vienna Roller Derby. But honestly, what can we really say about diversity? Look at us.
We’re a bunch of white guys with the same haircuts, the same beards, same hobbies, lifestyles, academic backgrounds, and the same affection to turquoise panties. Diverse like our asses. With our coffee machines, retro bikes and bobo family routines, we willingly serve the unspoken rules of a conscious, liberal well-being-bubble. Have we created our own cliché? Perhaps.
The Fearelli 2023 is a humorous reflection on our own homogeneity. It’s an attempt to show that even if we try to act differently within certain patterns, we still remain in our learned routines. Same same but different. Ultimately, this calendar is an invitation to reach out to us, connect with us, and help us make this bunch of white guys with man buns a little more diverse."

A big shoutout to our photographers Franziska Liehl and Zoe Opratko

Perfect present for your friends :-)


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