koffee with a konscience
koffee with a konscience
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Mini Mill - Einsteiger*innenmodell

Mini Mill - Einsteiger*innenmodell

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DIMENSION  T 5,0 × H 18,0 cm (incl. Crank)
WEIGHT  335g
MATERIAL  Crank: Edelstahl
   Body: Acrylglas
   Lid: Acrylglas
   Funnel: Polypropylen
   Grinder: Ceramic/Conic
   Drive Shaft: Polypropylen
  • Space-saving, therefore suitable for travel
  • Homogeneous grinding result with coarser settings
  • Suitable for Aeropress, V60 and Chemex​​​​​​​
  • Not suitable for espresso
  • ​​​​​​​long grinding duration

This hand grinder from the Japanese company Hario is an affordable alternative to expensive electric coffee grinders. The grinders feature a modern yet timeless design and are designed to be user-friendly. The coffee beans are filled into the hopper and ground into a collecting container, which can be removed in the middle by turning it. Both grinders are space-saving and an eye-catcher in any kitchen because of the modern design.


The heart of the mill is the ceramic cone grinder. The material ceramic is enormously wear-resistant and grinds very precisely. In terms of quality, ceramic can easily compete with the material often used for grinders, hardened steel, and basically has the advantage that it could be cleaned with water (we advise against it, however, as it must be ensured that the grinder is actually dry when reused).


The grinding degree can be adjusted by turning a wheel. This wheel, located just below the grinder, increases or decreases the distance between the grinding cone and its counterpart, thus changing the degree of grinding. The greater the distance of the cone from the counterpart, the coarser the grind. In the Mini Mill, the axis of the grinding cone is stabilized by a spring, so the grind turns out very consistent even with a coarse setting. However, the degree of grinding cannot be fixed, as is the case with other mills.


The mill is actually very sturdily made. The biggest difference is that the collection container on the Skerton is made of glass and fits better in the hand than the plastic-made container on the Mini Mill. Grinding works with little effort on both types, thanks to the long crank. At a medium grind setting, grinding 30 grams of coffee takes about 2 minutes (- though of course this also depends on the speed).

We find it more comfortable than grinding on the table to clamp the mill between the legs and thus stabilize it. The Mini Mill also comes with an attachment lid for the bean container, which prevents coffee beans from bouncing out. 


We do not recommend cleaning a grinder with water - but rather regularly tapping it out, brushing it out, and wiping it apart to remove coffee oils.


The Mini-Mill is excellent for smaller quantities (up to 2 cups). The grind is easy to adjust and more consistent with a coarser setting. In addition, the Mini Mill's small size and lighter weight make it the ideal choice if you're looking for a travel mill. For beginners in the Specialty Coffee preparation such as AeroPress or V60 super suitable before you get something of better quality. The mill can then also be used super as a spice grinder.