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Welcome to our exclusive portafilter coffee workshop, designed specifically for those who feel a little lost with their coffee machine at home - whether it was given as a gift or you purchased it yourself. No more frustration and endless browsing through YouTube videos! We have the solution for you.

Imagine no longer having to stand alone in front of your machine and wonder what you're actually doing. Instead, you can invite a professional barista into your home who will show you everything important about your machine step by step and give you valuable tips on how to prepare the perfect espresso. No more insecurities – from now on you are the master of your machine!

But that is not all! You can book up to four friends to experience this workshop together. Share your passion for great coffee and take home useful tips and tricks to take your coffee preparation to the next level.

Please note that for this workshop you must provide a portafilter coffee machine and an adjustable grinder (hand or electric grinder) for the espresso grind.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of perfect coffee with us and make every cup an unforgettable experience!


If you don't want to decide to bring us into your own four walls, we also offer the option of bringing your setting with your portafilter coffee machine/grinder to us at KAFFEMIK. Here you get the same high quality workshop, but in a relaxed environment specifically designed to maximize your coffee experience.

Frothing milk is only touched on in passing. This requires more time, but we also offer a workshop here. 

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