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155 Filters

155 Filters

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Not much is known about the Kalita company. It was founded on July 25, 1959 in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo and is supposedly still family-owned.

At the beginning, the company specialized in the production of high-quality filter papers in the typical wave shape (hence the name "Wave" for the corresponding hand coffee filter series). Soon Kalita expanded its range and began to manufacture machines and equipment related to coffee. 

Kalita filters are designed for so-called flat-bottom filters. The wavy shape on the edge prevents the filter from having too much contact with the filter vessel, and thus the coffee does not cool down as quickly. The flat bottom in the filter also ensures that there is less agitation during preparation than with the V60, for example. It finds thereby a particularly uniform extraction is possible. 

Scope of delivery: 100 pieces packed in a plastic bag.

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