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Instant Coffee | produced in Hamburg

Instant Coffee | produced in Hamburg

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NØ.1 - Colombia

Flavor    Caramell | Fruit Cake
Body        Medium - Voll
Acidity     Malic | Green Apple
Producer Community Cooperatives
Region Huila
Roast Level Medium
Varietal Caturra, Typica
Process Washed
Elevation 1.620 MASL


NØ.2 - Peru

Flavor   Milk Chocolate | Honey | Forest Berries
Body      Full | Creamy
Acidity  Tartaric | Beere
Producer No Information
Region Highland
Röstgrad Medium
Varietal Arabica (exact species not available)
Process Washed
Elevation No Information

Sometimes you desperately need a cup of coffee, but all you have access to is hot water. The perfect solution can be found in this little package. 

Get a cup - Pour the contents in - Add some water ontop - Enjoy!
This instant coffee, produced in Hamburg, won us over us because besides the taste, we are fully behind the philosophy of BLÆK. 

The coffee, from a collection of small farms, is certified organic and/or carries the Rainforest Alliance seal, which guarantees ethical working conditions and sustainable practices.

Sachets are aluminium-free and produce 51% less CO2 than conventional packaging. 67% of the packaging material is made from renewable resources such as wood residues, sugar cane and vegetable oils.

For the perfect cup of instant coffee: use 1 sachet of BLÆK for every 230g of water. 

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