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MUKUNGA AB | Kenya | washed [Single Estate]

MUKUNGA AB | Kenya | washed [Single Estate]

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  • Cocoa rosehip

PRODUCTION Hanner Wanjiku Mukunga

REGION Githunguri, Kiambu



VARIETY Ruru 11, SL28


IMPORT Sucafina - Antwerp

About the coffee

Mukunga Estate is owned and managed by Hanner Wanjiku. The farm's altitude of 1,850 to 1,880 meters above sea level creates ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee. Hanner complements these conditions with a focus on quality-oriented workmanship.
The plantation is surrounded by the picturesque Aberdare Forest. The slopes and highlands of the forest are known as specialty coffee areas.

Hanner is a driving force in the coffee producing community in Kiambu. She runs an Arabica seedling nursery where she grows seedlings to renovate her farm. He also sells saplings to his neighbors at affordable prices to make it easier for everyone to obtain young, productive trees.

About 90% of the trees planted on the Mukunga property are SL28. The remaining trees are Ruiru 11. Most of the coffee trees on the farm were planted in the 1970s. The farm benefits from red volcanic soil and high annual rainfall, which is divided into two rainy and two dry periods per year.

Hanner selectively picks ripe, red cherries by hand and processes them at his winery. The cherries are crushed and fermented using a motorized 3-disc pulper. After fermentation, the parchment is washed in clean water and placed on raised beds to dry.

Kenyan coffees are classified by size. AB beans are those that fall between screen size 15 and 18, meaning the beans are between 6 and 7 millimeters in size.


18g coffee / 300g water - 94 degrees
50g water in 10 sec. (bloom)
pour at 0:45 onto 160g
pour at 1:30 onto 300g
Swirl carefully to flatten the coffee bed
Total extraction: 3:30

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