Roastsamples - Blend (100% Arabica)

Roastsamples - Blend (100% Arabica)

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During the production process in a Coffee Roastery, there are always beans that we can not use in the store, because it is, for example, random samples for quality control or coffee from the process of roasting profile preparation for new coffees. 

However, we would like to explicitly point out that these are blends (mixtures) of different roasting dates and different countries, so these packages have no roasting date! 

We have divided the beans into cross-country regions. Who appreciates our coffees will also be satisfied here, assuming that only Specialty green coffee is the basis for these blends.  

We recommend these blends mainly for fully automatic, portafilter, bialetti, Frenchpress and filter coffee machine. However, those who like strong filter coffees can also use them for Aeropress and V60. 

We still think it is a good alternative to relieve the purse a little and drink good quality coffee. 

This is not a regular product, but available on occasion. Therefore, only AS LONG AS THE SUPPLY LASTS.