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subscription | abo

subscription | abo

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- 2 x 250g bags of coffee per month

- All Coffees are either female farmed AND/OR certified organic.
- Delivery options: FREE SHIPPING (AT) or PICKUP and get a free hot drink.


Since opening our doors in 2014, we have gone to great lengths to provide our loyal clientele with beans from roasters that not only meet our personal Third Wave Coffee standards, but also those demanded by the specialty coffee community around the world. Now, as our team and our efforts have evolved over time, so has the desirability of a subscription service aimed at exposing our customers to the vast and diverse world of European specialty roast coffee.

Therefore, we have made it our goal to make this selection for you and to clarify everything in advance and to taste the coffees of the respective roasting house. The variety of coffee roasters in Europe dedicated to Third Wave can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing; it can sometimes even feel impossible to tell if a new roastery meets the Specialty Coffee standards you are used to or expect. We know from experience that there may very well be significant differences.

But that's not all, the selection in our store is sometimes overwhelming and it's really hard to choose. That's why we decided to make it even easier and simply surprise you with a selection every month.

The CRITERIA were quickly found:

  • 2 x 250g bags of coffee from different European roasters with specialty coffee standard.
  • Exclusive coffees ONLY for subscription customers
  • Coffees that are only female farmed AND/OR are organically grown
  • Insights into the cultivation, processing and roasting of the selected coffees

Furthermore we wanted to make the receipt as comfortable as possible, therefore we provide 2 DELIVERY OPTIONS

OPTION 1 - FREE SHIPPING within Austria.

  • Outside Austria, but still within the EU, the shipping costs are between € 5,9 - € 15,00 (each delivery)
  • Within Vienna we use the service of
    - Delivery completely emission-free!!
    - Delivery date agreed (please provide telefonnumber)

OPTION 2 - PICK UP at the SHOP and enjoy a free coffee drink of your choice "on the house".

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