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Kaf|fe|mik noun, (greenlandic):
1. a traditional open-house get together where coffee is served;
2. a place for Europe's independent roasters in Vienna.


In addition to our always-available house blend, we offer bi-monthly coffee pairings. For individual coffee pairings, please contact us. Here is our current selection:

House Roast

Excellence on a daily basis.

Roaster: Alpha Coffee in Vienna
Beans: El Palto, Peru, washed

We're working together very closely with Alpha Coffee to serve you coffee excellency on a daily basis. Together we cup samples and decide on the coffee we want to serve. Chief Roaster Daniel develops different roast profiles, that we try out in our bar, to pick the perfect one. At the moment it's a washed single origin from Peru. Creamy milk chocolate, hazelnuts and a delicate apple acidity makes the perfect cup, with or without milk!


We serve our House Roast as espresso and use a 1:2,40 brew-ratio. That means we pull 43g of liquid from 19g of coffee grounds with a pressure of 6 bar.

The Boy

A reliable alrounder

Roaster: Original Coffee, Prague
Beans: Los Pinos. Nicaragua, Caturra/Catuai, natural

This coffee comes from Los Pinos farm located in Cerro Arenal protected landscape area in Jinotega region at an altitude of 1300 meters. The farm’s owner Byron Corrales is growing coffee since 1986 and from the beginning purely ecological way without compromises. He built a self-contained system with regard to long-term ecological sustainability on its farm size of 30 hectares. Thanks to his personal approach to each of the coffee plant during the year and at harvest, the coffee from its production annually rank among the best of Nicaragua. Nicaragua Los Pinos coffee is a mixture of Red Caturra and Red Catuai varieties and is natural processed. Intensive flavor with notes of nougat, purple grapes and dark rum is perfectly suited to both filter and espresso brewing methods.


We enjoyed our V60 pour-over with 17g of coffee, 272g of water, 3' drip-time from start to finish. As always a 45" bloom with a thorough stir, to get all the grounds wet.

The Beauty

Exclusive and complex.

Roaster: Holistik, Budapest
Beans: Auromar. Panama, Geisha, natural

Our champagne-like pick for the holidays is a from our well-trusted partner, allthough he just started in October. Formerly being part of Casino Mocca, Zoltan is now sourcing excellence with compromises. In his packages you can find two bags, so you drink one right now, because you don't want to wait and freeze one for the next special occasion. Yes, you can celebrate with coffee - you actually should! A great perfumey pick, with great apricot jam sweetness. A real marvel.


We had very nice results with our standard recipe, but tweaked it a little to emphasize the lively but sublte citric acidity of this coffee. (Brew ratio of 1:15,6): 17g of coarsely ground coffee in a V60 Dripper with a wet paper filter. Bloom the coffee for half a minute (give it a thorough stir!) and pour a final weight of 265g of hot water (we set our kettle to 96°C)!

The Beast

Typical, Tasty, Tremendous!

Roaster: Morgon, Gothenburg
Beans: Rutuma Coop. Kenya, SL28/SL34, washed.

Again a Kenyan took the badge of the Beast. This time because of its memorable grape-juice like taste. Its lemonady sweetness, berry-like flavours makes it super refreshing coffee. But what do I tell you: That piece of art of the front is a surealistic interpretation of the taste and says more than a thousand words.


With an Aeropress and a ratio of 1:15 we accentuate the acidity that makes this coffee so lively. Gives you the right punch real quick.

The Bargain

Best bang-to-buck ratio!

Roaster: Cloudpicker, Dublin
Beans: Tegu & Tula. Ethiopia, Arago, washed.

The coffee is grown in the shade of the wild forest trees, which together with the high altitude and cool climate means cherries mature slowly, developing high sweetness and complex flavours. The Cloudpicker Coffee roaster are bringing it to you with style: that suits the fancy taste profile: violet, marzipan and apricot.


We had great results with a V60 and a 1:15 ratio. You could try it also with an Aeropress and a Prismo Cap, so to have a nice, fruity epresso-like drink.


We’re happy to host workshops for you or cater to your events or conferences. These services are usually tailor-made so it is best to get in touch and tell us about your project!

Here’s a list of previous workshops and events to get a feeling for what kind of workshops we can offer:

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Catering of conferences up to 250 attendees, easily.

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